Monday, March 25, 2013

C.O. Bigelow Lip Shines!

 The other day during one of my many Bath & Body Works excursions I realized the one thing I've never bothered to try out from them have been the lip products! I'm not a huge fan of squeeze type glosses which is the majority of what they have (though there are lip balms, ones in tins, and ones with wands) but I bit the bullet and bought some ones I thought would be yummy.


I'm a huge cinnamon fan, when I saw they had cinnamon glosses I was sold! It has a lovely cooling feeling when you apply it and actually also tastes like cinnamon (I didn't eat it I swear! Some always manages to get in my mouth).


The difference between the regular Cinnamint Lip Shine and the Supreme 2x is that this one is supposed to have twice the amount of breath fresheners and moisturizers in it. Though I don't notice it being anymore moisturizing, it certainly has a lot more cinnamon to it which in turn does really freshen your breath! They also refer to this one as a "lip gloss" instead of "lip shine", probably because it has a slightly thicker texture.


I was a little unsure of how I'd like the vanilla flavor so for this one I skipped getting the regular Lip Shine and went right for the Supreme 2x. It reminds me a bit of a vanilla flavored toothpaste I used to have so it's a little odd! Definitely not my favorite in terms of scent when I have the Cinnamint one, but it still works the same!


 Now I don't know about you, but my mouth can't help but water when I hear "Apple Jelly"! The smell is absolutely delicious, it's exactly like the apple flavored Jolly Ranchers. It has a thinner consistency than the other lip glosses which means it does wear off fairly quickly, but I do not mind reapplying when a lip product smells this good! This particular line from C.O. Bigelow called "Organics" is great because the glosses are 91% natural.


 Another one with a delicious name, Raspberry Jam is just a little bit more tart than Apple Jelly! It has the same exact thin consistency that does require a little bit of upkeep throughout the day. I also noticed when wearing these they add quite a bit of moisture into your lips. Granted it's not as much as you would get from a lip balm, but I've never really worn a gloss that managed to put moisture back into my lips!

 Overall, I'm pretty impressed with what I've tried so far! I don't think I'll be venturing into any of the other glosses Bath & Body Works carries from the Liplicious that have shimmer in them, but these are right up my alley because the flavors are fantastic, they moisturize, and aren't sticky.

If you're looking into picking up some of these lip glosses Bath & Body Works pretty much always has Buy 2 Get 1 Free going on so you get more bang for your buck!

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  1. They do sound yummy! You make the cinnamon one sound nice, even though I'm not a fan of cinnamon jelly beans and candies D:


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