Sunday, March 18, 2012

February Favorites

 February was a pretty minimal month in terms of makeup, I was really focusing more on my skin and venturing into contouring/highlighting!

Ahh, my trusty foundation that I've been using since September! I actually ran out of this in early January and tried using Almay Truly Lasting Color Liquid Makeup in Buff, which was the absolute perfect color match for me, but its such crap. It claims to last 16 hours, but no, it slid off my face in 2. So I hurried my butt back to the drugstore and grabbed what I initially should've gotten in the first place! You know when you use something for a really long time and you just itch to try something else? I think that's what happened with my Revlon ColorStay, but it really made me appreciate how good this actually is. The coverage is great (very buildable without being cake-y) and most importantly is really lasts on my super oily skin, I only need to blot once or twice throughout the day. The only downsides are the color selection (they really need more yellow shades!) and the fact that THERE IS NO FREAKIN' PUMP! Like come on, I don't even mind paying more for the foundation just GIVE ME A PUMP REVLON!

My beloved MAC Blot Powder in Medium has recently died (sad blog post on that soon!) so I needed something to replace it and picked out an old favorite. I used to think this powder was the bee's knees until I tried the MAC one, now its just hard to use anything else but I'm not quite ready to shell out another $23 for it. Compared to eachother, this isn't as good but gets the job done. The Maybelline Dream Matte is much more cake-y so I have to be careful when putting it on, but it does keep the oil at bay for a good 2 or 3 hours. Not too sure why Maybelline decided to put shimmers in this powder, they don't transfer on your face, but still, I would prefer my face makeup to be completely shimmer free unless I'm deliberately highlighting! all in all, this is a great drugstore alternative to the more expensive oil controlling powders.

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer

Now if you know me, I'm not a bronzer person at all. But recently I've been wanting to venture into the world of contouring so I ventured to find the perfect matte bronzer. Initially I didn't like theBalm Bahama Mama because I thought it came across quite muddy in swatches, but when its on your face its a different story! It really works well with my skin tone to just create that "shadowed" look under my cheekbones so I look like I actually have them. It is quite pigmented though, so I have to fight that urge to just swirl my brush in it!

 I love when the weather starts getting warmer because that's when I like my skin to look nice and glowy! I'm usually not one for highlighting just because I have acne and my skin gets a lot of shine throughout the day so its just best not to bring attention to that, but I make an exception in the spring and summer. I've tried other liquid type highlighters and they just really don't work for me because I find them harder to control (I end up getting shimmer everywhere...) so having a powder is just so much easier! This one isn't so much glittery, it just gives a really nice sheen to your skin without being like oh did you cruise the glitter section of a craft store? Plus, this compact looks stunning sitting on my vanity ;)


  1. Physical formula powder, so attractive because of the decoration 'n it...happy sunday

    1. Yes the pattern definitely makes it more interesting to look at! Thank you for all the lovely comments :)

  2. yeah why can't cosmetic producers make everything with a pump?? is that so hard?!!!

    1. There pretty much is an unwritten rule in the cosmetic industry that foundations NEED to come with a pump, I wish everyone followed it!


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