Saturday, November 26, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin

Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 16 perfect hours? Revlon has the solution - ColorStay™ Makeup with SoftFlex™.

Specially formulated for combination or oily skin, this oil-free formula helps control shine all day and gives you flawless looking skin.

Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the SoftFlex ColorStay™ formula.

Medium to full coverage, with SPF 6 protection*.

*Golden, Caramel, Toast, Rich Ginger, Cappuccino, Mahogany, and Mocha do not contain SPF


-Sleek and classy glass packaging
-Thick formula covers redness, blemishes, and mild discoloration
-A little bit of the foundation can go a long way and can be thinned out with moisturizer for those who prefer lighter coverage
-Doesn't settle in the creases of your face throughout the day
-The finish is very natural, not completely matte
-Works fairly well to control oil throughout the day, I still need to blot every two hours but that's much less frequent than other foundations I've tried
-Hasn't caused any breakouts
-Is fairly transfer resistant
-The SPF of 6 isn't high enough to interfere with flash photography
-Doubles really well as a concealer if you dab on your problem areas
-Doesn't oxidize throughout the day


-The price of this foundation ranges from about $10-$14, which is quite pricey for the drugstore (but I can deal since they frequently do 40% off Revlon)
-REALLY difficult to clean off your brushes, I usually have to spot clean with my MAC brush cleanser and then take my brush to the sink and wash with baby shampoo a few times to actually see the white on the bristles again!
-Its pretty much a guessing game when you go to pick this foundation out at the drugstore since they don't do testers (not to mention there's only 20 shades so if you're super fair or super dark you might be out of luck); I had to return the first shade I picked out and grab another which I still don't think matches me correctly (lesson: grab from a store with a good return policy)!
-For some reason a lot of the darker shades don't contain SPF (those shades are listed above)
-Dries on your face really quickly, you need to do some speedy blending!
-The smell is pretty strong, you're going to notice it once its on your face (but don't worry it fades in about 10 minutes)
-If you're not one to set your foundation with powder be advised that the Revlon Colorstay will feel very sticky
-A big downfall that usually happens with most drugstore foundations is the lack of a pump, I usually either get too much or not enough, and let me just tell you that when you get halfway through the bottle tipping it over and over again because you didn't get enough is the most annoying process
-Because of the lack of a pump, the screw on lid gets massively messy with dripping foundation
-If you use the back of your hand to put your foundation on before applying and let it dry, its pretty much going to stay there all day unless you use a makeup remover wipe
-The SPF of 6 is better than nothing but not high enough to protect you skin on an everyday basis alone
-The coverage is good, but needs a few layers to cover bad discoloration
-It takes some trial and error to find a brush that will apply this in a way that works for you, I find my Sigma F80 does the best job since its so dense which prevents it from absorbing too much product, but I also like using my fingers (aside from the fact that this foundation is a nightmare to get off once it dries)
- This foundation will stain like no other! I keep a white towel on my vanity for spot cleaning, wiping my hands and such, and it's just covered with foundation spots from the Revlon ColorStay, so make sure you don't get it on anything that's going to upset you if it doesn't come out
-Can look extremely cakey if you use a setting powder that's too heavy (like MAC's Studio Fix Powder), I like to set this with MAC's Pressed Blot Powder
-You need to have a good makeup remover when using the Revlon ColorStay Foundation, when I first starting using this I thought just cleansing my face was enough to get it all off, but nope, it clogged my pores like no other, so invest in some good makeup removing wipes


Usually I stay away from liquid foundations because I just know they're going to slide off my oily skin during the day, but I'm very pleased with the Revlon ColorStay foundation for Oily/Combination Skin! I find myself not having to blot as frequently, not having to use as much concealer, and I'm much more comfortable with my skin because this foundation has fantastic coverage. I'm pretty in love with the Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin, so it's going to be a long,long while before I venture out and try another liquid foundation! If your skin is similar to mine (very oily/lots of discoloration/acne) I strongly suggest that you try this out!


  1. I was thinking about this one, but I just don't like package too much..

  2. I love this stuff! I use the normal dry formula in 180 sand beige. it's the only foundation that perfectly matches my skintone!
    I use the ELF Studio Powder Brush to blend it in.
    I HATE that it doesn't come with a pump though!
    I've been thinking about buying some of the airless pump bottles on ebay.
    have you seen those before?!

  3. @Supergirl Yeah, it is quite the hassle!

    @Emily "Posh" Jurow I'm glad it matches you perfectly! The 180 Sand Beige in the Oily/Combination formula is a tad too dark for me (which you can probably only notice because it has fab coverage!)
    Yeah flat top kabukis are the brushes I've found to work best with this foundation, it really helps it just blend perfectly with your skin!
    I've thought about trying to get a pump but I think its just too much guess work, I don't want to order a 100 different pumps to try and find one that actually fits!
    Hopefully Revlon will just get with the program and realize people would love this product SO much more if they would just put a freakin' pump on it (I'd even pay an extra couple bucks if I needed to)!


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