Sunday, May 8, 2011

Collective Bath & Body Works Haul

-Into The Wild Fragrance Mist
-Carried Away Fragrance Mist
-Cherry Signature Vanillas Fragrance Mist
-Country Chic Fragrance Mist

-Carried Away Eau de Toilette

-Carried Away Body Lotion
-Country Chic Body Lotion
-Into The Wild Body Lotion
-Coconut Lime Verbena Body Lotion
-White Citrus Body Lotion

-Fiji Passionfruit Body Lotion
-Fiji Passionfruit Shower Gel
-Cherry Signature Vanillas Body Lotion
-Into The Wild Smoothing Body Scrub

-Carried Away Triple Moisture Body Cream
-Cucumber Melon Triple Moisture Body Cream
-Country Chic Triple Moisture Body Cream


  1. looks amazing i don't have a bath and body works where i live :(

  2. @Honor how can you live without a Bath & Body Works?!

  3. Oh my!!!
    What a great collection! I haven't triend any these products, would like to

  4. @Supergirl Yes, I love my Bath & Body Works VERY much!

    If your new to their products you should really try out the Triple Moisture Body Creams, they're thicker than the lotion and really moisturize all your rough spots!

  5. Wow! That's so many BBW, nice haul!

  6. @Noniek It was spread out over 3 trips, thank you!

  7. Carried Away is my new fav scent from Bath and Body is amazing! Nice haul for sure!

  8. @Alexandra I just discovered Carried Away, it's my new favorite scent as well!

  9. i would love to go to a bath and body works, haha i guess i dont no what its like so i don't no what im missing :)

    Just woundering when you going to post the winner to your giveaway ? xx

  10. you have so much products:)))

  11. @Honor Oh trust me, you are missing out on a lot!
    I'm hoping to post the winner of my giveaway this weekend, sorry its taking so long, I've been caught up with school (summer, please hurry up up up)!

    @Evie Haha well it was spread out over a few trips :)


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