Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grocery Store Score!

My mom and I were at our local grocery store the other day trying to get the weeks meals sorted out, and it was taking a super long time, so I really needed to use the bathroom, which low and behold happens to be right next to the clearance rack :). 

Nothing is really ever on that rack except old dented soups and ripped cereal boxes, plus there's usually a bunch of elderly people hogging it up so I never really give it much attention. 

But this time, the coast was clear with not a grey haired person in sight, and there was this lonely little Maybelline Fit Me foundation sitting on the rack with a little sticker screaming 

Psha, I had to give it a home right?

I took it into the bathroom to take a look in the mirror, and whaddya know, it was my shade :).

I wasn't ever really planning on getting this foundation because I've heard a lot of reviews saying that it makes your face oily, and I have the world's most oily skin, so not a match made in heaven. But I think I'm going to form my own $3.75 opinion :).

I had gotten samples of the Maybelline Fit me foundation line a while back from Wal-Mart in the mail that came with a lovely little $1 off any Fit me product but I have yet to get around to testin' it out.

I'm liking the classy drugstore foundation look, I hope all the other brands catch on too!

I probably won't start experimenting with this until summer, so I'll make sure to do a long review on it for you guys.

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