Saturday, February 25, 2012

From my February Showroom...

"Every girl knows diamonds make the best friends. Every fashionista knows diamonds with pearls are best friends forever. Out large pearl cocktail ring sports a wreath of eight crystals to keep the sparkle going on all night long. Finished with an equally glam 14k gold-plating, this festive bauble has all the makings of your next standout ensemble."

Yes, yes, I've jumped on the JewelMint bandwagon! I honestly never planned on ordering anything from them, but I found a coupon online that was 70% off your first purchase (its not available anymore, sorry!) so it only ended up being around $8.99 and I took the plunge.

If you don't know what JewelMint is (but I mean, how could you not by now?!) here's a little description from their website:

 "Experience an exclusive jewelry collection designed by actress and fashion icon, Kate Bosworth, and her celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter. Inspired by the runway, vintage pieces and places they love, Kate and Cher design a versatile collection each month, so we can recommend the perfect pieces to match your style."

I was pleasantly surprised by the Style Profile questionnaire you answer, it was really accurate for me. Everything that ends up in my showroom each month is stunning, I would honestly order all of them (if of course I inherited a bazillion dollars)!

I thought I would go ahead on order the Starburst Ring instead of the more spring-y jewelry they had because I really love how formal this looks and my prom is just around the corner! The little box this came in is SO lovely, I wasn't expecting a gorgeous mint green box that snaps shut with a magnet (much like the Urban Decay Naked Palette) and has a velvet interior with a little card that has the description of the Starburst ring. The JewelMint boxes are most definitely something you keep, its too nice to be put in the trash!

My only complaint with JewelMint is the sizes their rings come in, they only go up to an 8. Now that's fine for my ring finger, but I would've liked to have gotten this in a size 9 so I could wear it on my middle finger (I know, I know, I have sausage fingers)! I'm hoping to accumulate a nice little collection of JewelMint pieces in the future!


  1. Hello Emily, I just followed your blog. That is a really pretty ring. I haven't tried Jewelmint, but I'm really tempted to try them lol.

    I'm so happy you got the Wet n Wild I Heart Matte. Isn't it awesome. I pretty much use is everyday lol

    1. Awh thank you, that means so much since I love your blog! You should try them when there's a coupon code, I would've never ordered if it weren't for that 70% off code!

      Yes the Wet 'n' Wild Matte palette has definitely become a staple for me, I really love the cream-y skin colored shade (my fave for a highlight)!

  2. I always like seeing what people get from JM. I didn't get anything this month yet, BUT they did send out an email for another mystery bag. I might pull the trigger on that.

    1. Haha I love seeing what people get too, you can really tell a lot about their style! You should pull the trigger on that, I bet you won't be disappointed :)


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